For hummingbird fanatics, like myself, I've created this special section
dedicated to my very special friends.
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Below Are Some Entries On Hummingbirds
From My 2006 Drawing Everyday Blog


7/6/06 ~ Distractions

Today's drawing is of my favorite distraction. For some reason,
the hummingbirds are mostly gathering around the feeder by
my big studio window. This is where I draw and paint and spend
most of my creative time. I am filling the two cup feeder three times
a day! Even though I have four other feeders out, this is where they
want to be. Lucky me!!


 7/7/06 ~ Still Distracted

Here's another drawing of my favorite distraction, hummers!
I'm going out several times a day rotating and filling feeders.
The return is well worth the effort! I especially love to watch the
youngsters carry on, just a few feet from where I am "working".


7/11/06 ~ The Hum of Summer

The hummingbirds are still busy as bees outside my studio window.
They've got me thinking about color, composition and design.
(For some new paintings, featuring them, of course.)



7/12/06 ~ Hummingbird Quickies

I decided it was time for me to switch gears and do some quick sketches
instead of the more detailed drawings I have been doing. These were lots
of fun and helped get me loosened up this morning.*I highly recommend
Betty Edwards' book, "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" if you
would like to get into drawing or learn how to draw and see better.


I sure do love having the company of my little friends all day
long. I never tire of watching the little cuties and I hope you
are not getting bored with seeing my sketches of them!



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